Ian Newbold and Deborah Newbold of Ashley Wood Studios, Weymouth.

Meet Ian & Debbie

Ashley Woods Studios' proprietor Ian Newbold has many years experience as a Lab technician with companies such as Brixham Colour, Nashua UK, Oxford Colour, BJ Harris, and finally as a Manager of Riverside Colour Labs Norfolk.

In 1982 Ian was trained by his father Ron Newbold as a Wedding & Portrait Photographer with Classic Colour. After his fathers death in 1989 he set up his own business known as Ashley Wood Studios, specializing in Toddler, Nursery, Pre-school, School and Dance Academy Portraiture. The business covers a very wide area and Ian works with establishments across England.

Ian was joined in 1991 by his wife Deborah, who became his business partner. Deborah has many years of managerial experience controls the everyday running of Ashley Wood Studios.